Know it All

“The ability to follow the conversation with data as the conversation progresses has been extremely valuable.”

Know it All

“One thing that was immediately noticeable was how the information could follow the discussion.”

Know it All

“With Qlik Sense Cloud Business®, we can take a lot of the individual data elements ourselves and load them in to generate the types of reports and trends that are useful.”


The story

As the CFO of LincolnHealth, Wayne is in charge of the financials of multiple health services in a rural hospital system. His job entails everything from operational and capital budgeting and reporting to patient billing and registration oversight. Wayne is personally responsible for the expansion of Qlik at LincolnHealth—after discovering Qlik Sense Cloud Business online and then teaching himself how to use it. Now, after 7 short months, he’s using the platform to plan the company’s growth with a newfound ability to see business in action—almost like a motion picture. One benefit he reiterates on a regular basis is the fact that Qlik Sense Cloud Business helps him to keep up with any conversation. With detailed data that allows him to quickly respond with answers during the discussion process, he no longer has to leave the conversation to gather more information. Wayne soon plans to deploy Qlik companywide to see its impact across the entire organization.

The highlights

  1. With a limited number of hospital beds in each facility, LincolnHealth uses Qlik Sense Cloud Business to see occupancy trends so they can accommodate more critical patients by better utilizing the available continuum of care.

  2. Wayne loves using Qlik because it’s the ultimate source for data that’ll backup any conversation—he can drill down and answer practically any question that’s asked.

  3. When it comes to learning new things, Qlik helps LincolnHealth bring data together for internal benchmarking so they can pull facts from outside systems and easily compare their performance against competitors.

  4. Qlik’s unified view of combined data from disparate systems never ceases to amaze Wayne.

  5. Rather than simply knowing it all, Wayne feels that Qlik allows him to “know it all now”—which is key when peoples’ health is on the line.