Know it All

“We enable our customers to quickly get at the data that matters to them so that they can make clean, simple and well understood decisions.”

Know it All

“We tend to really focus on the Internet of useful things and core data that matters to real decision making.”

Know it All

“We help non-technical customers—whether that’s a golf course superintendent or a farmer—understand the data points in real time that matter to them.”


The story

Mike leads the development team at and handles all technical and strategic decision-making at the company. Combining smart sensor technology and state-of-the-art analytics, has transformed the agricultural and turf management markets by enabling growers—from golf course superintendents to mushroom farmers—to monitor and respond to areas of concern. With Qlik’s associative model embedded in’s system, Mike is able to reveal unique relationships within data that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent. This allows his customers to identify the hidden causes and drivers of the problems they’re trying to solve. Now non-technical users have access to the technology that would normally only be available in an enterprise setting. Going above and beyond simply assembling data, Mike believes in “the Internet of useful things” and helps his clients see key aspects of their business from a data-driven perspective.

The highlights

  1. Using large, in-ground sensor networks to monitor environmental data for parks, golf courses, farms and wastewater facilities, analyzes Internet of Things (IoT) data to help customers resolve issues in real-time and prevent problems in the future.

  2. Mike takes a tremendous amount of pride in helping bring data and insights to customers who have been primarily relying on instinct and gut-based decision-making.

  3. With Qlik Sense at work, provides accurate monitoring for real, daily issues that growers are up against—like the expense and consequences of over watering—establishing a direct connection between data and ROI.

  4. Mike helps his clients uncover the “unknown unknowns” using Qlik so they can quickly connect analytic data to issues like pasteurization inefficiencies or dying plants and grass to come up with money-saving solutions for growers.

  5. Looking to the future, Mike hopes to use the Qlik platform and to help reduce the impact runoff has on wildlife and establish a new web of connections to environmental issues.

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