Know it All

“We're seeing a lot of benefit with managers in the time that it takes for them to actually do reporting...It's saving us many, many man hours.”

Know it All

“It's great to know that you can actually help the business save time and increase productivity—with data you know is correct and giving them more than they ever thought they could get.”

Know it All

“Taking those disparate data sources and being able to put them together in one dashboard lets the end user see everything that's happening.”


The story

Searching for a platform that could provide an all-encompassing view of their business operations, Laura discovered Qlik. Now she manages the platform for all of Raymond James Operations and Administration departments across three different sites. Specializing in metric standardization, creating and automating data extractions from multiple sources, they’ve mastered performing ETL (extract, transform, load), data modeling, data quality management, data visualizations, and dashboard design. On a mission to improve processing, they’ve reached a new level of standardization with everyone in the organization using the same form of measurement. With the ability to see the metrics that really matter, prioritization is easier than ever and management is able to easily determine how previously disparate data points connect and affect the whole. As Qlik continues to play a bigger role in their operation, Laura is looking forward to a future where digital transformation encourages people to work together, beyond operations, and bridge gaps like never before.

The highlights

  1. Calling deployment a “cinch,” Laura maintains that getting her team started with Qlik was even easier than expected.

  2. With a window into how various departments compare against one another, Raymond James finally could effectively answer one key question regarding the future of their business: does our service meet expectations?

  3. By using data to improve processing, Laura’s team can now determine how seemingly small details affect the whole of their business.

  4. The Qlik platform has given the team at Raymond James the ability to streamline data with a single source of measurement across the board, enabling true digital transformation.

  5. Laura successfully replaced their manually generated Excel documents and a range of other reporting tools with a platform built to uncover new data perspectives to turn into meaningful metrics.